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Engine bay cleaning


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I never had cleaned the engine bay... I have send it to wash only twice in a year of having the Pathy...

Do you clean it at home or go to wash center? I have seen lots of videos on youtube about how to clean the engine bay... What do you suggest? Precautions? Critical points?

Thanks 👍

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I just spray it down with a hose. Don't do it with the engine hot, and probably best not to spray directly at the distributor/oil cap/power steering res/brake master if you can avoid it, but otherwise it shouldn't give you any issues. I did find a little water intrusion in the PS res in my '95 but oddly it didn't make it past the little screen inside--just a little milkshake in the screen and (apparently) none in the system. And that was after using the high-pressure sprayer at the car wash, I've never had issues with just a garden hose.

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