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Cv boots... Again...


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I just changed my inner cv boots for Nissan's, they where really really expensive... Almost 70 dolars (COP$200.000), and the outer cv boots for OEM or i don't know the brand for 7 dolars (COP$7.000).. really cheap.... But the Nissan's plastic seems much better that the cheap ones...


I have read good comments about Rockford cv boots....

I found these silicone and neoprene boots... http://www.autozone.com/drivetrain/cv-boot-kit#

Or these HippoRed, from Italy... http://www.hippored.com/?portfolio=cuffia-facile-easy-boot-cv&lang=en


Which could be a good quality cv boot and with a reasonable price?

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Just go Rockford. There have been zero issues with those who have installed them. They cost a little more but are built to a higher standard.




How much do they last? In months or miles?


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added a 2" spacer lift. OE axels with 160k miles on 2002 Only been running in 2wd since added in March


a little more stress on the boots,but would you expect to pop both outers ? passenger side seperated inner first an then I noticed outer clamp gave out.


no I notice Driver side is allowing grease to dump out, even though clamp entact still, but cant imagine for long.


I will install new axel assemblies since they are pretty cheap and 160k is a good run. Anyone have similar experience with spacer lift and then boot issues ?




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