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R50 & WD21 Automatic Shifter wiring


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Hey everyone,

Hoping someone can shed some light on the following as I am finally getting around to completing my R50 - WD21 shifter swap.
Does anyone whom has done this know how to wire up the shift lock mechanism?

What I have found so far:


The R50 has only 1 Blue wire & 1 Black wire (ground)

Whereas the WD21 has 1x Red, 1x Blue & 1x White.

I've already managed to wire up the light & O/D as they were on the other harness of the WD21 but this is the confusing bit.


Any help appreciated. :happy:



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For clarification, you are swapping a R50 transmission into a WD21?

Do you have the wiring schematics for the WD21?

Do you have any pictures?


I can probably help you when I get home from work and take a look at the wiring diagrams.

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Nope literally just the shifter as part of the centre console swap. The wiring side of things only controls the following things on these transmissions: OD, Shifter Light & Shift lock

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Any pictures? Did the shifter floor panel panel just bolt right in? I am considering doing the same thing.


Na I went to the junkyard and grabbed another WD21 floor panel, cut the studs off, blocked em off and put new ones in for the r50 shifter. Still haven't had any luck on the wiring side of things either (to be fair I haven't really bothered having another look at it but it would be nice to have selectable overdrive again as it turns out even that wiring didn't add up right haha) let me know how you get on!

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Best bet here is probably the service manual. The AT section shows some of the wiring but apparently not all of it; I imagine the rest is buried in EL somewhere. It may well be different in the TD version than in the gasser version manual I've got, making things that much more entertaining.


Shouldn't be too hard to track down what's the overdrive switch with a meter. If you can work out what wires from the R50 shifter connect when the button's engaged, and what wires do the same on the WD21, you could go from there. Not sure how it would do three things with two wires, though... maybe it uses the mounting bolts as a ground?


I vaguely remember the shift lock having some kind of cable hookup on it, but it was a while ago that I screwed around with it.

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