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at my wits end


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hey guys, changed injectors and FPR. plugs, cap, rotor. checked for vac leaks with starting fluid.
when you give it full throttle it runs great, but at idle it barely wants to run.
what am i missing? is it possible that the new FPR is bad? also i found a bad wire on the common for my injectors 2,4,6. repaired that.
please any help before i get the can of gasoline and a lighter :suicide::headwall::FartExplode-vi:

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Check all the wiring connectors for loose pins. Check all grounds. Make sure your battery connections aren't corroded.


You may want to clean the maf sensor element (use only maf sensor cleaner and do not never touch the maf element with anything, just spray quickly and repeatedly until it is all clean, other chemicals like brake clean can damage it)


Always good to have a vacuum gauge and fuel pressure gauge with some brass fittings and a tee. Assure vacuum is strong (around 20-24 inches of mercury at idle) and fuel pressure is in spec (38 psi at idle and 45 psi at 3500 rpm).


You can check impedance of the injectors to rule out weak injectors at the front injector harness connection where it joins the main harness on the front of the passenger (right side) side valve cover.


Also of course before all of this run the ecu for codes in the diagnostic mode and test your o2 sensor function in the o2 diagnostic section.


Report back, good luck

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I fixed it. Hallelujah!!! So the official report is: after replacing all the fuel injectors and the fuel pressure regulator, it started running rough, after doing several diagnostics I found the common wire between the three inside injectors was open. The connection point with the factory crimp was bad. I replaced that but still had a miss or two. found a bad PCV hose on my bypass, fixed that still had number five cylinder miss no matter what I did it did not go away. Before grabbing the can of gasoline and the book of matches, for one last time I wiggled the injector. when the injector it's self rotated, the miss went completely away. Official diagnosis misaligned injection port in the fuel rail?

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