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Dash power failing intermittently


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After a relatively problem free 6 months or so, I've developed a new oddball.


Occasionally (and i mean 1 in 10-50 tries) after turning the key to position one, all dash power fails. The clock goes out, blower, dash lights, stereo, head and tail lights all lose 100% power (stereo even resets to defaults). If I shut it off and turn it back on 20 times in a row it'll work fine, starts fine, runs fine.


When the interior power does fail, it only appears to be lighting and interior electronics, the engine starts fine, runs fine, no misses, and I have ~13+ volts off the alt and at the battery..


I'm leaning towards a failing relay, as it only happens once in a while but is a complete power loss.


Thoughts? Suggestions? I already went around and pulled all relays, put contact grease on them and made sure fuses were all ok. Can't reproduce as it's intermittent so only time will tell if that helped.

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Ok, so update since last post. Since I pulled and reseated all the relays she's not had a problem until today. Same as before, as soon as key hits position 2 power to the interior, light system and dash dies. Pulled all the relays and reseated them again, and pulled fuses 1 by 1 to inspect - found nothing only this time it was not resolved by reseating the relays..


So Im putting around with things and have the motor running and decide to gun it just to see - at about 3k rpm everything clicked on like a relay suddenly got the voltage it needed to close.


So my question is this - which relay is responsible for all primary electrical power outside the engine/alternator/battery/ignition path? Not the main I gather but I don't have electrical schematics off hand..


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