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How hard is it to change a windshield?


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So, i recently put a huge crack that now spans the entire length my windshield in my 96' pathfinder. There has been a small crack that has been on the passenger side, as long as i can remember and probably has been there since i bought the car. And while i could have fixed the little chip and prevented ALL of this, i didn't.


Well, now i'm paying for it, we had an especially hot summer here in the PNW and my window had finally had enough. That and in combination with my dash protection reflector screen thingy, made it too much and it cracked, right to about the halfway point of the window. It progressed ever so slowly across and now is about 2-3"s from the drivers side. Its very distracting and sorta hard to ignore. So i'm looking at having it replaced. I don't have coverage for this on my insurance, and new OEM windows cost between $500-$800!! But my question to you is how hard is to change? And is it even worth doing myself? Am i really saving that much?


I found this video which looks to have been produced by PPG and it really doesn't look that hard



But if its only $100 for installation and comes with a warranty, that $100 well spent, but that's probably going to be some research on my end, checking around locally.


Let me know what you guys think.



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Why not just get an aftermarket windshield installed? I had one put in my pathy and it came ot about 350 dollars taxes in. With a lifetime leak warranty.


I've never heard of anyone buying an oem windshield, lol.

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Yeah, glass coverage...something I always get now. It's paid for itself a few times on my Frontier, but I couldn't get coverage in IL for my WRX...$500 windshield (heating elements)


Any qualms with adding coverage, waiting a few months, and then making a claim? And isn't the built-in antenna an AM one only?


As for the DIY replacement...I doubt it's difficult, but for the reasons mentioned, the warranty may be reason enough to get it pro-installed. But, you can get the tools you need from HF (removal kits, suction cups) for <$30. Just need the adhesive (also inexpensive, <$15).


BTW, a replacement from Rock Auto (ignoring whatever issues people have with them) w/ Antenna and tint runs about $130...closer to $200 after shipping. So, for $250, that's a pretty budget-friendly DIY project.

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You couldn't pay me to install my own windshield on any of my vehicles, not even my '68 CJ that's basically a trail rig right now.


Seems to make more sense to pay a professional.


I don't necessarily disagree, but money being a factor, and technical aptitude permitting, it's not a horrible option. If I was in a pinch to get it done, and doing a little homework and investing in some tools saved me several hundred bucks, you bet I'd thinking about it. That's probably why most of us started working on cars in the first place...we couldn't afford (or justify) having a shop do the work, but we had most of the tools and confidence needed to give it a try.


Since it's a safety item (and not just something to block the wind), it really boils down to how much you trust your own work and how thorough you are at researching the process...and in that regard, I'd argue it's on par with changing your own brakes (not the process of course, but the reasons to do or not do your own brakes for the first time). You can have a professional do it, or you can DIY.


BTW, the topic is discussed in the FSM under the Body & Trim chapter, Windshield and Windows section.

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And Kyle, don't forget to factor in any replacement seals/moulding that may get damaged during the process, as well as disposal of the old windshield. It's probably not something you can just set out for recycling (though I'm sure it's been tried!).

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I completely understand. I'm studying to be an automotive technician and getting ready to rebuild my CJ.

I just hate dealing with glass at the end of the day.

I've pulled windshields and set glass a couple times. I find it way more stressful than most other r&rs.

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R&R-ed 2 high quality pre-owned windshields. That was 2 too many. Both worked (pulled the shield from my last HB to put in WhiteOwl when I first got him and a parts donor to my old 1g Eclipse I used to have). Had the help of a 'retired' glass guy both times. Removal of good on both occasions was tedious and honestly the only part I remember from both jobs, which is why I don't ever want to do another one and now have windshield coverage with my insurance.

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