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1993 Pathfinder - broken into and ignition messed up


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Hi all,


Unfortunately, my PF got broken into. We live in a high crime area, so we get it broken into pretty regularly. 3 times this year (so far). Yeah, it's more than annoying.


Bad news this time is they caused much more damaged than usual. I've got a broken window to replace, and the steering column is all smashed up. Looks like they tried to steal it. Insurance aren't covering it.


So I've got to fix it.


The ignition barrel was busted. Looks like they tried to force it with a screwdriver. I managed to get it so that the key turns it all the way now.


However, there are some wires disconnected from the ignition switch. All the soldered on wires at the back side look ok, but the wires at the key side are disconnected and broken.


I kinda hooked up the wires where they looked like they should go, but got nothing when I turned the key.


I don't mind buying a new switch and key if I need to. There's a local dude parting out his PF and he'll sell me everything for a decent price. But I'd like to get things working before that so I know that nothing else is busted.


I can understand that security issues and the nature of this task may mean members not wanting to explain everything here on the forum in public, so maybe somebody who knows what they're doing could shoot me a private message on what to do to get this started up again. I didn't see any blown fuses under the dash, but do these trucks have a main fuse that could've popped? It looks like the thieves managed to get accessory power, because the windshield wipers are part way up the windscreen.


Also, am I correct in that I'd need to remove the steering wheel to replace the switch? I don't have a portable drill and the truck is nowhere near a power outlet, so it's all hand tools here and drilling out the screws is not really an option.


Thanks in advance for the help.

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Umm... Move?

Sorry, I know that doesn't help. I haven't messed with Pathy ignition for over 5 years, and even then it was just to sell it, so I don't think I can help much.


I'm guessing the factory alarm didn't work, and/or there was no additional security system?


I'd say the best place to start would be the Factory Service Manual (downloadable from the pinned thread in the Garage section) to check some of the fuses and relays under the hood. I believe there is also a wiring diagram which might help you get that ignition sorted out. Perhaps someone has a Pathy apart enough to take a picture for you?


Sorry this happened, I really hate thieves, even if they only succeed to be vandals. Definite POS's....



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Anybody know if there's a trick to putting the rear door's big (sliding) window in without pulling off the window seals and trim?


I sure did ruin them on the scrap car I pulled the window from, and I don't want to ruin mine putting the window in. Also don't wanna buy new ones if I can get away with it.

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That went in easier than I expected. A lot easier than it came out of the junker anyway.


Just had to loosen the rail to give me a bit of wriggle room and it went in from the inside quite smoothly.


Got it running again too. New ignition switch unit ($140), 10A fuse for the shift lock, and fusible links (green and black ones, $15 new). Plus $50 for the window plus fusible links from the junker (just in case). I have no idea how the hell they managed to ruin all that.


So that's Just over $200. Now to clean out the glass and button everything up.


And get ready to do it all again in about 3 - 6 months. :lmao:

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