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Lazy Springs, South Florida


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If your in South Florida and would like a day wheeling trip. Lazy Springs is a decent lil place to have some fun at. It located south east of Ft. Myers, and north west of Immokalee. On Florida 82.

I does cost $10 per vehicle and $10 per person. Kinda redundant and can be $40 for a family of 3 to enter. Sucks, but they are improving it. They have fresh lakes for some fishing and swimming. With swings and slides and make shift beaches.


As for off roading. They have a nice long hills section and several other area's to play in. Actually a good area to first time wheel or field test your stuff.


If people see this and are interested. Post up, I can post some pics to show it. Also can help organize a event out there for us.









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