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Clucnking noise

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Hi all,


I hear clunking noise from the front end only during hard braking, not accelerating, and a lot more pronounce when it rains. If i brake slowly, no noise. If i slam on the brake, the car nose dives and clunks... Doesn't matter the speed. ans only happens when it rains.


I've read previous threads and it could be everything. The mechanic has checked the ball joints, cvs, tie rods, wheel bearings. No front sway bar, and one steering bushing under the oil filter is gone - could this be it? SFD and strut spacers bolts seem tight. I'm thinking maybe the steering rack is moving (theres a clunk or two when i turn slowly in the parking lot, so i think the rack moves but theres no scratch mark) or maybe the brake pads? I'm clueless.



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Huh, I just replaced my rack bushings with the urethane ones and don't like em, they are too slippery and let the rack slip back and forth a little. The passenger side one sits between two "locating" ribs in the steering rack, so it can't move a lot, therefor no scratches would not surprise me if it were moving. If the driver side bushing is gone, it could let the rack move, but not side to side, but rattling around in the clamp. It dose not take much of an impact of metal on metal parts to make a noticeable clunk, so it may just barely be moving at all. The rain part is a little confusing though, are you sure it's not your ABS firing?

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My ABS light is on, haven't pulled the code, i'm pretty sure my abs isn't working. Sometime when it rains or after carwash, the ABs light would go off for a while and come back on, haha... But no clunking noise until recent rainfal (it rains like twice a year here)


Ill replace the druver side bushings and see if itll fix. Thanks for the note on the passenger side bushing. I always thought if it moves, I'll see shiny metal.

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