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Quick Alternator Question

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hey guys so I'm getting the lights signaling my alternator is bad. But eventually the battery gets to a point where the alternator starts working again. This I think means that the voltage regulator is bad correct? So do I need to buy a new alternator?

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Dash warning lights signaling alternator failure are: brake, battery, AT temp all glow simultaneously.


While the engine is running, the alternator provides all of the electrical requirements of the vehicle (except if you have a huge audio system, excessive aux lights, or run other heavy electrical loads). The battery's condition has nothing to do with the alternator's function.


If the alternator output becomes too low (typical range is 13.2-14.1 volts) then it means your alternator is dying.


You can technically drive on battery only (no alternator) until the battery voltage drops to a little less than 10 volts, and then the engine will run rough for a few seconds before stalling. A few years ago, my alternator failed, and after turning off all electrical loads (AC, radio, lights) I was able to drive about 150 miles on only the battery before the engine quit. I was within 20 miles of making it all the way home.

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Ok so I'm intermittently getting the A/T temp battery and brake lights coming on. Yesterday I drove to work and they were on then I went to the local parts store at lunch to get the voltage checked it came in at 9.6v I assumed alternator so I bought one. I then drove back to work with the plan to instal after work when I got home. On my way home from work the car got close to dying then all the lights turned off and the interior clock light up like it normally looks (it was a little dim). Didn't install alternator woke up the next morning all the dash lights were on again. Drove to work fine drove to auto store to get voltages checked again and again at 9.75. Drove back to work car got close to dying then all of the sudden the alternator works again. Now I'm leaving work and the lights are all on again and I presume it will stay that way until the car gets close to dying.

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