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Lifter Noise?


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I just bought a 01 Pathfinder. Found it on Craigslist for $2100, it's an 01 with 145000 actual miles. It is the 3.5. However the guy was getting rid of it because it has a noise coming from the passenger side valve cover it sounds like a pen tapping against a metal trash can lid, and it speeds up with rpms. I assume this is a bad lifter. However I know the 3.5s have shims. I tried some various auto parts shop remedies and nothing really worked so I am going to take the valve cover off and look at replacing the lifters or something. Does anyone know of a how to guide or any tips before I get started? Also where is the best place to buy replacement lifters, and how long should this job take me?

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^Exactly. Download the FSM from the pinned thread in the Garage section, follow the trouble shooting details in the EC section and then replace if necessary before you start digging in.



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not sure about the VQ but on the VG passenger lifter replacement wouldnt take long at all. after you pull the valve cover you have a few bolts holding the rocker rail on and after those come out there is the lifter guide plate, lifters will pop right out. Be sure the cam is on the flat side when you torque the rocker rail back to spec. or bad joo joo may ensue hehe. as in breaking a bolt off trying to torque it to 16ft lbs, seen a guy do it. he was not happy at all.




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Not to thread jack, but OP I juts bought an 02 Pathfinder as well and Its clicking/ticking like crazy. Here is a video I took of it, is this what yours sounded like? What did you end up doing to fix it? did you do the lifters?


Sounds like a damn rattlesnake and its very loud for me.


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