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Torsion Bar Index Bolt Substitute


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2CE27 Hex Cap Screw, Stl, 1/2-13 x 6, PK 25 $59.70

2GB94 Hex Nut, Thick, 1/2-13, 3/4 In, PK 50 $41.20


This came up in a status update so I thought I'd share my experience. I have used the above successfully in place of my OEM index bolt. You have to oversize the holes in the saddle, and half sphere washer but the material is not hard so a 1/2 inch drill bit works. The reason I did this was because I could get these overnighted, and I needed a bolt to be able to go wheeling the upcoming weekend. I could not find a fully thread bolt locally that was long enough to do the job, and I wouldn't trust the strength of all-thread.


On that note I have a word of caution, if you use an impact or air ratchet to tighten/loosen these bolts be sure to clean and lubricate the threads. Also, pause frequently because at this load level, constant fast rotation builds up a lot of heat and can lead to galling which is why I needed an immediate replacement.


Happy Wheelin

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Thank you for this, it is great info :aok:



I understand your need to get them asap, but this is a topic that always puzzles me. People need this bolt or that nut or some other minor part and they often put a lot of work into finding replacements that will save them a buck or two. I just called my local dealer and got replacement info on these and although it is not as cheap per unit as the bulk packs that you bought (again I understand the reasoning in your case) they are not really that costly IMHO. And given that they are factory replacement parts, there is no chance for error resulting in them not fitting (assuming of course that the dealer gave me the correct info.) And you don't end up with bags full of 23 and 46 spares that will never be used.


Here is the parts, part numbers and costs for the bolts and nuts as given from my local Nissan Dealership.


Description: Torsion Bar Adjustment Bolt (qty 1)

Nissan Part Number: 5421631G0A

Cost: 10.61 USD


Description: Torsion Bar Adjustment Nut - Large (qty 1)

Nissan Part Number: 43245G040A

Cost: $8.45 USD


Description: Torsion Bar Adjustment Nut - Small (qty 1)

Nissan Part Number: 089116421A

Cost: $2.27 USD


At the time of this writing all parts where located on the east coast, so please account for any applicable shipping times.


I also recommend contacting Rob, aka Alkorahil (see the Classifieds > NPORA Vendors Section) as he can help you with this as well. :aok:



PS: It took me longer to type this post than it did to get the information from the dealer

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Yeah, just thought in case someone else found themselves in a time bind like I was that this could be useful. It took me hours to finally find something that I thought would work.


Rob's prices are good, and shipping is usually quick.


Guess I could send my spare bolts and nuts to you or B and you guys could be an as needed vendor. :laugh:


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