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Ebay LED driving/fog lights


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Decided it was cheaper to replace the entire that than by bulbs and replace my cracked lens. These are the 15 watt models (5 LEDs 3 Watts each). The mounted right up in the same location, but do stick out slightly. I may modify the mount and make them flush.






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I got a set of plastic clear headlights for my wd21 for exactly that purpose. I'll be ordering the retrofit projector kit from theretrofitsource.com .


you can convert to anything from mini d2s all the way to Lexus or infiniti oem projectors. Then you get HID the proper way.

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I have hids and have a love / hate relationship with them. Love the way it lights up the road, hate not having any high beams. On the other hand, my 2015 freightliner has led headlights and wouldn't mind being able to make them work with the pathfinder or titan. Best of all lighting ever used.

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The issue with LED's the they all use a FAN to keep them from burning up. Loose the fan and you loose your lights. And we all know how reliable small fans are.


I bought some HID's and got the Bi-Xenon with hi-beams. I hate to just through them in and blind other drives... am in need of some plastic lens to retro some lens into. Heck with the Pathfinders lights, you could do separate hi-beams.

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Yes normally LED's run COOL and are low power. I'm not talking about these:



Which have a bunch of low power LEDs mounted on them.


But these (Application Headlights) ALL have fans and huge heat sinks to keep them cool:




From this angle you can see the Fans:


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