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Bolt Identification, Please!


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1995 XE 4x4



Head Gasket blew... It's my first time changing one ever. Lack of money, lack of time and nervousness has turned this job in a 3 week ordeal. I labeled everything well as to not forget anything... Except for these 2 bolts: imgur.com/d12zFMk


One seems to have been near oil and one seems to have been near water, heat or aluminum. I'm stumped, ideas appreciated. Hoping to have it together by this weekend.


Yes, I have the FSM. But it's on my phone and is difficult to navigate. I have looked high and low and I am coming up blank...


Thank you!

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I'll take a stab at it, the left bolt looks like the one on the driver side air conditioner tensioner bracket; the right, one of the two lower bolts from the bottom side of the air conditioner compressor. The look like something on the outside of the engine, for an accessory.

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Those definitely look to be external accessory bolts. Those definitely have nothing to do with the head gasket job, I wouldn't worry. They will find a home when u put it back together and a certain bracket or accessory still has an open threaded hole in it :)

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^Bingo! And a roll of masking tape...


Thanks AHB for posting the photo.

The one on the left is a hardened bolt that is bolted through a bracket or component that is subject to load and/or vibration, and the other one is a lower grade 'standard' bolt for less critical fastening. No way to tell what they'd go to, but I agree that one of the driven components on the front of the motor is a likely bet. I'd be surprised if you don't figure out where the larger one goes, at least.


As for the manual, do you not have access to a computer? It would be worth looking at (even if it isn't at the car) for some of the exploded views...



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if you don't figure it out, try disassembling again as if you were replacing the head gasket... don't really take crap apart, just get your hands down in there and think through the process of what needs to come out and feel around all the brackets and such for each item you would need to remove. I had a stray bolt once and it turned out to be on the alternator bracket at a funny angle that I couldn't see.


Good luck

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The left one has a flat and lock washer with four or 5 theads worn off from being loose so I I'd agree with external bracket or component or acc.

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