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First post, 98.5 R50 Owner


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It's a worn out piece of junk.



Women drivers for 184K miles.



Married the girl, and now her junker is my problem. It is spewing coolant from the water pump area, did some reading and I think this problem is going to be a little bit involved.



Thinking I should just buy a new motor for it and start over :/



Shoot, just realized my profile says 1988 and it's a 1998.







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I read that same advice on another post here, and I'm going to go find it again and make a list.



Probably need to make a list of all the service items that should have been done at the 100K or 150K mile mark and take care of those as well.

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Most of us get the whole TB kit from Alkorahil. It's about 300 for everything. Including belts hoses seals etc. And its all genuine Nissan and will last another 100k easily.


Sent from my Moto X


Does he have a website?



I've tracked him down in the Vendor section, but don't see a way to get to an online store.



Thanks everyone!

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