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Random picture of your R50


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  • 3 weeks later...

Still without bumper cover, driving around with my XJ bumper in the trunk. But moved the KC lights to the roof and LEDs to the front in anticipation as the KCs will be too big once the new bumper is on.



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Yes it is time. I just throw those on for fun. It also makes it easier to see which pictures I'm wanting to upload to the 'bucket when trying to post on this site.

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Crossing the South Yuba up near where I'm originally from, on the way to a massive mine.



Off the road going around Lake Tahoe, beautiful drive.



Out near an old water-refilling station for the steam locomotives out near the Mexican border.



Same area, different angle.


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She's held up well so far, out did the Durango every step of the way despite having less meat on the tires. Plan on getting a full set of 2" lift coils soon, bigger tires to come as well.



















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