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Random picture of your R50


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Alright boys, time to pepper your angus because I'm about to drop the wisdom.


Me and muh boys went into the woods to start a fire, shoot some guns, roast some dogs, etc. Some guy comes skidding by in a rental truck and about an hour later we see someone walking back down.

Long story short, my stock 2001 Pathfinder helped pull a 2015 F-150 4x4 out of the snow.



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I have an old VW Westfielia van. I've often thought about putting a tow bar on it, loading it with all my gear and towing to the camp site. It has a pop up roof, fridge, sink and has upper and lower double beds plus a hammock for two kids over the front seats.

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What a view.


I bet the journey was just as epic as that view.


I'd call in sick for work literally at that peak and not come home for a while.

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Here is my baby! I have had her since she was brand new in 1998 (Well my parents had her) I inherited her in high school and have kept her going all these years. She just got new Front and back suspension, a tow package, a few new lights that were broken. Anyway if she lasts I am going to try and lift her and do a few other things.



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I found some mud on a level B road today. It was fairly soupy for my A/Ts the fronts don't have much tread left.... but I didn't get stuck!






And from a few weeks ago when I found some ruts full of water on a dirt road with a friend... This adventure reinforced my need for a new front skid plate... lol






And I took the pathfinder kayaking fishing drinking on my last day off work.



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Curious what that is on the right side of the rear bumper - looks like some kind of vent. Didn't see that in your build thread.

Ah yes, indeed it is a vent. On the trails my muffler got hit and pushed up a bit, causing it to exit right into the bumper and melting a hole into it. I cut the hole out and placed this vent in its place. I figured if it happened again, a vent would let enough air flow through not to melt it again.

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