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NPORA Guidelines


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B) Welcome to NPORA


This site is intended to help Pathfinder (and Terrano, Sani) owners around the world and our forums are open to anyone, but we have certain guidelines that you must adhere to or your privilages here will be revoked.


We have Moderators who are constantly reviewing all posts to make sure that they are appropriate and they are authorized to remove posts, warn, and even ban those that refuse to honor our house rules.


1. Treat others with respect. Do not verbally abuse or attack any user on this forum. That includes belittling a person for asking a question that you consider too simple. We have users at all skill levels here and there is no such thing as a dumb question.


2. No profanity or explicit submissions. Do not attach inappropriate photos to any posts or profiles. This will result in warning and possible banning from site. There is a bad word filter in place that will take care of most inappropriate words.


3. Be careful with humor. Everyone likes a good joke, but on a forum it can be taken differently than it was intended, especially since we have members from all around the world. Often, humor does not translate well from one country to another. We have seen this where members from one country continuously tried to use sarcasm to joke and ended up having half of the members online turning on them. It can get ugly quick, so be careful...


4. If you do not know the answer, you don't have to answer. There is no shame in not knowing an answer, but if you misinform people it can hurt us all.


5. Do not post similar topics. For the sake of keeping it easy to navigate you are asked not to create a new post that is very similar to an existing one. Instead, you can reply to that thread IF you have something NEW to add.


6. Do not use this site to promote your own business or Website without the permission of an administrator, this will include links to external sites attempting to sell products and/or services to other forum members. No spam!


7. Respect the authority of all forum officials! If you have a legitimate issue with any Moderator, you are encouraged to contact an Administrator. This site has PM capabilities and you can send any member a private message. If there is a disagreement, we would much rather have you discuss it using PM and not airing it publicly on the forums for everyone to see.


This is a non-commercial site and it is privately maintained and financed. It is here to help the Pathfinder community and for no other reason. Help us to make sure that it remains a fun and informative place for us all to enjoy.





1.1 - Please keep in mind that we have many users from many different walks of life, and conflicting viewpoints will occur. Treat each other with respect and courtesy, and there won't be any problems.


1.2 - No flaming! Flaming is the act of sending or posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting, usually in the social context of a discussion board on the Internet.


1.3 - Please try to use complete, coherent sentences in your posts. Syntactically correct posts are easier to read and comprehend. Punctuation, capitalization and proper (or close to it) spelling also helps readers understand your posts more clearly.


1.4 - There is ZERO TOLERANCE for personal attacks of any sort. This includes indirect attacks on groups of people based on race, creed, religion, nationality, or whether they prefer Pepsi or Coke, OK?


1.5 - We take the warning system very seriously. If you have recieved a warning, and are unclear as to why, politely PM a moderator or Administrator and we will explain it the best we can.


1.6 - If you have a problem with another user, keep it off the forums. If you bring it to the forums, not only will your posts be deleted, you will likely receive a warning. (Exception: Poor seller with no contact, posting in the classifieds as a LAST resort.)


1.7 - Please refrain from religious and overly political subject matter.


1.8 - Please do not fuel-the-fire if you are engaging in a debate/discussion by throwing your $0.03 (inflation :rolleyes: ) in without anything to back up your arguments, or to, directly or indirectly, insult or demean another member of the site in any way.




2.1 - Please fill out the details in your user profile. It not only makes you seem like a real person with real knowledge and problems, it helps the other members on the forum help you.

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