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Whether or not you are the owner of this shop, it has come to the point that you are spamming NPORA with this shop.


I understand the value of such a place, but given that you return every now and then for no other reason than to plug this business, it has become a problem. And in accordance with NPORA Guidline #6, I am officially asking you to stop.


6. Do not use this site to promote your own business or Website without the permission of an administrator, this will include links to external sites attempting to sell products and/or services to other forum members. No spam!

The prior threads similar to this one have been removed and the contend of this post has also been removed along with the title edited. However, I have also left a link to one of your early threads, where another member pointed out this place and you provided feed back. That is more than enough and repeatedly creating new threads to plug it is not needed. Especially threads promoting the "specials."


The link in the original thread is enough, if anyone is interested they will contact the business.


Other members have previously asked you to stop spamming NPORA and if another thread is created promoting this or any other business (without the approval of the NPORA Staff) further action will be taken.

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