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How To: Pillar Lights using hella 500

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So many have asked me how I mounted lights on my a pillars next to the windshield. I had roof lights and they shook too much and we're too noises the lights in this position give lots of light not much hood glare and they have zero shake at all which is awesome. How's how they look






First thing I had to address while mourning these was making sure I could still open and close the hood easily which meant fender mounting theme was out of the question.






As you can see the lights sit to the side of the hood allowing full movement of the hood. You will need to Dremel out your fenders a bit to allow this but it will work fine just tAke off a bit at a time.


Open your door and take off the door trim that is rubber behind it the window trim will be screwed in using 4 Phillips head screws. Unscrew those and the metal trim will come off. The 4 screws are what make this a solid mount.







Next take your light and find the correct size drill bit for the stud on the light. Drill a hole for the stud. Use a washer on the back side to prevents crushing the trim too much. Use washers on the upper side to make up for space.







Now the most involved process. Take a screw driver and hammer and punch down the metal below the stud for the light to allow clearance for the stud and to allow the light to sit down in the body some. Place the trim up on the body and see how much you need to trim out of the fender to allow for correct aiming and placement for hood clearance.



Just play with that Dremel and hammer for correct fit. After that just run your wires to power ground and switch. That just basic wiring which I'm sure y'all can figure out! Enjoy your new lights




Any questions just ask! Hope this helps a bit







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I haven't personally done this, but I have thought about doing this to mine too. I considered possibly using an CB antenna mount that connects around the back hood edge and put the light in the antenna hole. The only good looking mount I've seen that was this style was like $25 ea. on eBay. I've always loved your truck.....great inspiration!

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