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Signature Pics And Picture Hosting


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If anyone here needs a picture hosted for their BBS signature or for any other reason, I will host it for you and send you the link for it upon request FOR FREE. I can also offer image resizing, cropping, and editing so that anyone without access to photoediting programs can have a decently sized and arranged picture for your signature or for demo purposes. Either post here or PM me. B)


Also, please keep the size of your signature pics down to the bare minimum. They should be around 15-30 kb in size, and yes, it is possible to have a small filesize picture that still looks good. Mine is 13 kb. How's that look?


I'm not trying to nag, just trying to keep things rolling along smoothly here without getting bogged down by too much data. If one page loads with the same person's oversize picture posted three or four times, the time it takes to load each page goes up. Dial-up users will definitely appreciate this as well. Thanks! B)

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I set-up my sig pic last night and I hosted it from the cardomain site. Now it's got a lil CarDomain.com in the bottom corner... That's kinda cool I think... It seems wierd that they somehow knew I was using it from there site and added their logo.

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Just so everybody knows:


When you pick an avatar picture and upload a huge-as$ photo of your Pathy, the base picture data doesn't magically get resized to fit the 160x120 space for avatars. The base pic stays the same in filesize, but the displayed image itself is compressed to fit.


What I'm saying is that there are a lot of members here wasting massive amounts of bandwidth by having improperly sized avatar pics. MrJim foots the bill for that one. You're costing him money, both for the storage of the picture on his server and the bandwidth it takes to display that picture every time it's called for.


If you think it doesn't matter, try calculating it out. The number of your posts times the number of people reading each post every day times number of days in a month...it adds up FAST.


Everyone needs to keep the avatar pics down to 10-20K in filesize. If you don't know how to resize pics, ask. If you can't find anybody else that knows how, email me the pic and I will send it back to you properly resized. Any avatar picture over 50K will be noted as it's found and a PM will be sent to the owner, asking the owner to resize or change it.



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Its very easy. If you want to keep it simple on any machine, just insert the pic to Word (tools- insert). Shrink the size down smaller but viewable, then copy it to Paint. From there, just save as a jpg/jpeg and you're good to go. Simple as can be if you need it to be, but it saves Jim a bunch of space.


Oh, and it takes 1 minute, maybe even 2.

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I thought I'd mention for any mac users here (I'm not alone am I?), most macs come with graphic converter. Graphic converter can resize crop and compress. Resizeing can be done via the picture menu under the size sub-menu. Crop can be done under the edit menu with the trim option. Compressing is done in the save dialog.

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another forum I am on is 80x80

but this site now lists 64x64 maximum... ???

I saved the file at 100 pixels - but it automatically shrinks it...


I only thought it odd, as my old avatar was much bigger than that.

Now I have a postage stamp.


I tried both uploading from my computer, and also linking to the image on my website.

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