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Old nissan guy, new member

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Hey everybody!


This is my first post here. I've been looking for a new nissan web home, so I decided to sign up. I've been on NOAS for years but it's all but dead.


I'm on my 6th nissan now. My last was a frontier that I used to go to goneMoab back in 2008, then later SASd it, before eventually (and stupidly I might add) parting it out. I then began a pathfinder that I also parted out to build a samurai based buggy. That had to go when my son was born; it was time for something more family friendly.


Now I own the pathfinder Ian built on Xtreme. I'm pretty pleased with it, but it was never really tuned or finished after the "finished" show. I won't go into all the bad, but I'm currently 4 linking the rear after dropping it 2-3" inches.


Enough about me, here's my rig:




Unless y'all kick me out, I'll start a build tread here soon.

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Howdy Mark, welcome to NPORA!


Sounds like you know your stuff, so you'll probably feel right at home in the Hardcore FAB section and we'd love to see what you had/have.


You have to try to get kicked out of NPORA but a few have managed, so don't try too hard. ;)



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Love your pic. Reminds me of what I need to deal with. I am sporting 33/12.50s with positive offset... I either need to limit travel or modify (cut) body panels to get full articulation. You are at your limit there, are you at your stops? Did you quit because of that? I see some "wrinkles" in the quarter panel in the same area that I get contact. I am full ready to modify the panels to allow travel without a BL (which I dislike) but am curious??

I may fab some limiting straps but I think I would much rather cut/modify quarter panels to allow movement. Suggestions?

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Thanks for the welcome guys.


My pathfinder has a full width 44 front and Chrysler 9.25 rear. When I bought it, it was sprung too stiff and too tall, and the axles compressed into bad spots in the body. I have since moved the front axle forward 1.5" and removed two leaves, and I'm in the middle of a triangulated 4 link rear. The way it was the panhard hit the shocks, and the geometry was terrible. To top it all off, they had bump stops about 2" off I the axles to limit travel and control body roll.


That pic was just me playing with it. On the other side, I broke the back plastic flare in that position. I'm going to cut the body out some after the 4 link, properly limit travel both up and down, and add a rear sway bar. The net results of my work will be a lower COG, better articulation, and better ride and handling.

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