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Catalytic or none?


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Well, a catalytic converter is required by federal law, doesn't hurt performance in normal use and is the socially responsible thing to do. They do work and are there for a reason, not to mention you might have to pass emissions at some point. Not having a cat might reduce the resale value of the vehicle as well.


If the factory one is damaged or the inlet/outlet is too small, there are a few reasonable aftermarket ones to be had fairly cheaply. I recommend looking at Magnaflow as a starting point.


Did you install headers/custom exhaust, or just replace the stock components?



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I installed obx headers and have a magnaflow cat all lined up, for now I am just going to have y-pipe made so I can attach my old exhaust and drive the pathy again ( it's been parked for 5 months). I will be ordering new cat and muffler and finishing the rest soon, thanks for all of your advice guys... I didn't know enough about what the cat does( besides absorbing carbon emissions somehow) to make a good decision.



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It combines heat with a catalyst (platinum) to chemically convert and neutralize various toxic gases, mainly Nox.


I use the weld in magnaflow high flow model.2.5". I ran without it and with it on the same exhaust system. I didn't notice any difference in performance with no cat than I did with the high flow. although with it, the truck sounds throatier and the exhaust doesn't stink nearly as bad. No emissions here either but my truck smelled pretty bad without it.


Mine was only 80-85$ shipped to Canada from eBay, IIRC

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no cat because race truck!


The only reason I would purposefully remove my catalytic converter (in my truck) is if I did field work and was constantly driving and idling over tall dry'ish grass.

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