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Who has removed your front fender?


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I want to replace my driver's door hinges. I feel that the best way to do this is to leave the door on the car, but remove the front fender to gain clear access to the hinges. Then with the door closed I can replace 1 hinge at a time and not need a second set of hands, or a hoist, or a rope and jackstands, alignment issues....all of that hassle that complicates the process if I were to open the door and begin unbolting hinges.


If I'm wrong, stop me.


Otherwise, can you tell me how that fender comes off? Where are the fasteners? Does it require removal of the front bumper/grill? Is it easy to separate from the inner fender? Are the fasteners and their locations less than intuitive? (that's always the case for me!)



Thanks in advance.

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