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Stripped all my aftermarket stuff out of my 90 sentra today


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So My 94 pathfinder is basically sold and my step daughter has been driving it, but my wife wants me to start driving it as she says I just go to work and back and her daughter is all over the place, and she stress's that something might happen to it before it sells, so she wants her daughter to drive my sentra but I had to remove all my stuff because she's not driving it and than next thing I will hear is "someone broke into the car and stole your stereo", yeah one of your friends maybe !! Not happening, so today I removed my air horns (2), all the tubing, air tank, stereo, speakers, sub and amps, gauges, everything !!!


Worked on it from about 12 to 7:30 and still not done, I put everything into what may be a new style army foot locker, except the sub box and amps, so much stuff !!


Had to pull the sill plates, drivers seat, rear seat ( back and bottom), lower steering wheel dash panel, steering wheel, gauge cluster bezel, center console ( 2 pieces), UGG!!!!!


couple pics below:


almost filled this box !





side view showing how big the box is:




Sub box with amps, crossover, etc, the speaker side was facing front:



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white PPI amp I bought brand new in 1991 ($625 paid extra for white !) had one refresh by PPI way back still works perfect ! The Orion I traded a bunch of old Car audio magazines for


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RF was good in the early years. You could only purchase them in the quality shops (pre BestBuy). Curious, have you ever heard of Savard or OZ Audio? I had great success in audio comps with both. IIRC OZ Audio was from FL? :shrug:

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Ok, finished the car today, hooked up a sony cd player that the cd doesn't work but the radio does, left my Kicker door speakers in for now until I can get some cheap ones to put in it. vacuumed it and took some pictures, also re-keyed the lock for the fuel door as the remote fuel door release part that the plastic nut threads on too broke so had to put the key operated one back in for now. Car even sits higher in the back now with the sub box and amps removed !! LOL it felt quicker too !


here is the before trunk pic:


left rear air tank for the two air horns:




sub, amps and my small storage tote for my tools and jack and stuff:




After pic with the carpet mat from the 2007 sentra:




My Good Sony radio and 2 sport comp autometer gauges:




after, replaced the pocket where the gauges were ( had to cut out the bottom and back to clear the gauges, and the Cheap Sony non working CD player ( no trim ring):




check out the shift knob, removed my nice MoMo fake carbon fiber knob and only other one I had was the one I just removed from the PF transfer case when I put the Leather LE one in the PF:


Momo shift knob:




Transfer case shift knob LOL:




under hood before showing two air horns:


small air horn:




big air horn:




after no air horns, more room !:







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I think the reservoir is dirty, I have to add brake fluid every so often so I know there is no way it is dirty, MC is leaking, have a new one sitting here going to have my buddy replace it next Saturday.


Yeah the knob looks funny with the straight pattern on it !, still has the short throw shifter in the car so the knob is right up against the boot.


Think the engine is starting to burn some oil, have to add some every week or two, has 257K miles on it, don't notice any smoke though, no internal work ever done to it, still has the original timing chain and tensioners


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