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Changed water pump, engine won't start


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So I took on the fun challenge of changing the water pump. Before I actually got into it, I was led to believe you only had to go to the upper timing cover. Turns out the whole process is the same as doing the timing belt. Whoever designed the pump for the VG30E should be fired.

Anyways, I reassembled this evening in the shop after work. Everything was put together nicely. Added coolant and was ready to start. Then she started to turn over, but it sounded ugly, and she never started. Tried again, and again, and again, no go.

When I did the T-belt a couple years ago, I remember having to set the engine to TDC. Even though I didn't adjust anything, did I still need to turn it to TDC?

I can't confirm this, as I wasn't fully watching, but when I took the T-belt off, I think the driver side cam sprocket sprung back into a different position. If it did, I'm sure that's why I'm having this problem. I really don't want to tear back into the system, but if I have to to get it running, I will.


Any suggestions?

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Always set the engine to TDC and mark the belt before removing it!


Beings as it sounded ugly cranking over its obviously out of time and hopefully did not bend any valves. Pull it all back apart and reset the timing from scratch, making your own marks on the belt using the tooth count if the original marks are no longer there.

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^^^ This. Once you have everything put back together you can rent a compression tester to check if your valves are not bent. I had my timing belt jump a couple of teeth without any damage so, you might be okay.

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Thanks all,

I think I'm going to order another T-belt kit (the one that's on there has only 20-30k on it, but seeings how it's getting to almost its half lifespan, I might as well change it to avoid this problem again.

Luckily I work in our fleet maintenance shop, so I'll tear into it after work this week. I'm not sure why I forgot to set it to TDC while I was there, and get everything lined up. But I'll be sure to tear back into it and redo the timing stuff. I don't believe I'll have a problem with it starting back up again once that's done. But I'll use our compression check tool at work to see that everything verifies. What's the standard range for compression on the VG30E?

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