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The car(s) you wish you never sold


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Post a pic of the car (or cars) you wish you never had to get rid of. Not supposed to be regretful, just a conversation piece and to gain some knowledge about peoples' backgrounds on here. :friday:


I'll start:


For me it was my miata: 02 with 18k on the clock. It was a special edition with Nardi seats and steering wheel, 6 speed manual, limited slip, body kit, Enkei wheels, Bose stereo, and the special edition-only gunmetal grey with peanut-butter color interior. Loved it, and it was a chick magnet. B) But in order to pay for the Pathy it had to go...








What's your story?

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My 1991 Ford Escort GT. 1.8L DOHC Mahzduh motor. Actually, the very same one that was in your Miata. Loved this car, so much fun! I had quite a bit done to the suspension, exhaust, whathaveyou. Coming home from a pseudo-vacation in Montana, about 1600 mile round trip, it developed a rod knock. I'll admit I don't know how to drive a five speed, and insisted on changing from a redlined 3rd and going in to 2nd gear. Not once, but twice. And that was the cause of the eventual knocking. I blame the short shifter and being a bit too excited. Anyway! I had all the parts gathered to build a high and extremely fast revving motor using the crank out of a single cam. But then my buddy talked me in to buying a 4x4. And now here I am on this forum! To be honest, I'd rather have the Escort. haha.




PS: A rev happy motor going from 8,000 rpm to infinity rpm sounds REALLY cool!

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My 4/'87 300ZX turbo GLL 5-speed. First year of the W-series VG, 30A transmission, and R200 CLSD. What a great car that was. I bought it with 112 miles all factory, even the 3-way adjustable suspension worked but one shock was starting to fail when I sold it at 128k miles. Put a 3" exhaust, no cat, Magnaflow muffler, replaced a bunch of little things it needed, tinted the windows to 5%, a competition hammerhead oil pan from David, ASCO adjustable cam gears, ASCO phenolic plenum spacer, and put a badass stereo in it. Maintained it well and drove the hell out of it with the t-tops out. Regret selling it every day.


Sucks but all I have are crappy cell phone pics.






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my 1994 SE Offroad Pathfinder. :( bought with 205k for $2250 and it didn't need anything but second gear was a little funky when upshifting. Drove it to 218k(in a year! and traded it away for something i wish i never had. Got rid of it with a nice stereo, 32's, JGC lift, cleanest frame ive ever seen on a pathy and the nicest body. It was a true street truck when i got it. Even took it to a car show! ha.







Got rid of it in this state:71771_464433260260474_1695061109_n.jpg


If i ever find it, or get word of it, ill be trying my damnest to get it back thats for sure! :(

Sorry for all the pics :P


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I really haven t ran through that many vehicles, believe it or not. But, I do miss a few of them and I keep an eye on craigslist and stuff to see if they show up.


First, was actually my second car, which was my moms,which became my brothers, then to me, then to my other brother. Ya lost yet? Ok, that vehicle was a 81 Cadillac Fleetwood Coupe deVille. Sorry no pictures. Can't say I took many of them. It had that retarded 8-6-4 system, that of course didn't work. But dang it looked good! Had a dark maroon pain job that was redone in the early 90's, and a white vinyl half top. Perfect white leather seats and dark maroon carpet. I had big plans for it, but I gave it up to help my brother when he was building his house. Oh well.


Second was my 1984 Mustang 2.3l turbo. Yes, a non-so turbo car. 5-speed, 8.8 trac lock(?) rear end. It was my first car. My moms boyfriend painted it black for me as the red paint job was in poor shape. I drove that thing to Phoenix and back, and then had to make a tough decision. Kept it and fix it up? Or buy a different car I really wanted...



This is the mustang next to my 91 300zx n/a 2+2. I love the way the 2+2 looks being a touch longer. I did some goodies to it. Lowered it with eibach springs, stilled camber kit, glass packs(which made it sound like a F1 car), CAI and bypassed all the Bose stuff in favor of kenwood speakers. Man that was a fun car! It had the t-tops off whenever I could. I drifted that thing long before drifting was popular. I traded it in for my pathfinder. He is one of my favorites..


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Here is a couple. The first one is a '59 Apache (of course) that had sat in a field woth a tree growing through the bed for as long as I could remember. I finally asked the guy to sell it and was glad to sell it to me for 400 dollars.

I spent some time on it bringing it back to stock (except for Nova rear end so it could keep up with CA traffic). Thought about rodding it but to me that is a little of a crime so I sold it to a guy that will treat it nice and wipe it down with a diaper.


I loved this buggy. I traded it for a '57 Ghia (needed a lot of work)and took a 2.0L Bus motor with an RV cam and dual 44 Webers on it. You could spin donuts at will and powerslide from a standstill at lights... Fun, Fun, Fun! Cheated smog a couple of times down here but finally sold it. I will make another someday...


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Here is one of my favorites..



I love this photo, can hardly tell its a 2+2 with T-Tops out, but this picture, with that car, it so period correct, its awesome. Love to hear how it sounded with the glass packs, that VG put out a very unique sound, as does the VQ that replaced it.


But i cant add to this thread as it's my first car and have had nothing other than that, just a youngin'!



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Thanks! I loved that thing and it was tough to let it go. I traded in at chaplains subaru and it went to a pot lot dealer in snohomish. I can only assume it's still rolling around north if seattle somewhere. It did get painted back to factory color at one point after I sucked up a porcupine in the front bumper. To my surprise, factory color was a very dark blue, almost black. Years of not taking care of the paint left it, what I would say is, a root beer brown when I first got it. I spent a whole weekend shortly after that photo cleaning and polishing the wheels. They look white, but were actually chrome. I kept that paint as smooth as glass all the time. The interior was a beige tweed. Man I miss it.

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86 Mustang, 351 cleveland, 3" duals with Flowmasters, Motorcraft T5. That car would lift off on launch. Leaving work one morning at 3 am, came out of the parking lot sideways, as usual, lost control and almost clipped a power pole. I went home and pulled the spark plug wires and threw them in the woods. I seen me death coming in that car. I let it sit for a year then sold it for close to nothing. Me and a car like that won't last long. Thank God I recently bought a Pathy and discovered off roading. Serious. Now I can safely let my Dukes of Hazzard spirit run loose, and it's more fun in the woods too.

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I'm going to change gears a little bit. The car I wish I never bought was a 1988 Subaru Justy. I spent a small fortune keeping that thing alive. Every other week something would break on it. For some reason it was a conversation starter. No matter where I took that thing everyone always had a story about one they used to have.


My 1996 Nissan Hardbody I did sell it but not because I wanted to.



Then one night in October 2004 this happened on the way home from work....


I sold it on ebay and some guy from Mexico drove up to PA and flat towed it back with a F150. Then I bought my 1995 Pathfinder in 2005 which I traded early 2006 towards the Frontier I have now. There was lots of other vehicles in between the 96 Hardbody and now.

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Wow MattV, love that old Hardbody, I had a 91 when I was 18...great little truck. That one that you had I think is probably one of the most perfect vehicles I think ever made...it's classic.


Now for my lost love, the one I let get away, is my old 1980 Datsun 280zx 5spd n/a I bought for $1200 while in the Army at Ft. Lewis, WA


What a great car this was and really fun to drive!




I actually traded it (only God know why) for an 85 Nissan Maxima. Before that Z car died on me for over a year (I did get it running again, just before the trade) I did have the pleasure of driving it through the foothills of Mt. Rainier through Elbe, Ashby and up the old logging road just passed the little cafe on 7 leading up to Paradise Lodge. That was awesome.


So the Maxima that I got in trade got totalled one morning and that was sad because I did like it, and that lead up to me buying my Honda Prelude Si 2.0



I had this car for about 8 years or so and in the end it finished with a jdm engine and head work by Honda (that I asked for and paid extra bucks) that involved a 3 angle valve job and port and polish on the head, high flow cat, 2.25" exhaust with an Imco Turbo muffler, MSD wires and cone filter and intake. Sold it to a friend for 500 bucks, and then unknown to me, that friend sold it to a complete stranger that knew nothing about the car! I also drove this car up through the earlier mentioned foothills and logging roads.


I drove this car home across the US from Washington to Houston Texas zigziagged across the states through Wyoming and down through Colorado in 5 days while pulling a trailer with my bike (pictured below) and all my crapped packed into my car and it was freaking awesome! What a road trip! Everyone should do this at some point in their life. And boy did my little Honda perform! I have an especially fond memory of climbing a mountain pass charging up the elevation blasting past everyone while in 3rd gear pulling 5gs on the tach and it loved it, ate it up and never missed a beat :) So there ya go, that's my story.


Here's my bike, which I also don't have anymore because the bank thought it still belonged to them for some reason!


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