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Grille Guard Mod. Idea

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I would like to have my grille guard be able to hold and mount a winch. So far it is held on by the stock bumper and a bracket under the frame.








I would like some idea on how to support the upper part to the frame so the winch doesn't pull the upper part down, and how to mount the winch to the guard.

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There was a light-duty Nissan winch available that fit onto a version of the brush guard--IIRC ahardb0dy posted brochure pics of what that looked like. So it has been done. I also remember seeing a carnage shot on here from somebody who tried to pull his rig out of a mudbog by the top rail of the guard and tore the thing completely off the truck :lol: so clearly there's room for improvement.


The little (10mm?) bolts holding the guard to the bumper brackets look like a weak point. Also I'd be concerned about the brackets themselves bending under side loads (if you winch at an angle). Make a second set of mounting tabs for the guard (inboard from where the tabs are now), beef up the brackets to hold the new bolts and brace side-to-side, and IMO you'd have the top more or less solid. Bigger bolts would probably help, too.


The bottom looks like it's connect by a single bolt per side as well. I'd want to beef that up too, and not because the bolt would go, but because it's got a spindly little connection that can kink in the middle (especially, again, under side loads), which could allow the whole mess to pretzel and tear away from the top mounts even if the bolts themselves don't give out. Again, you could probably build better brackets for it. Or it might not be an issue at all, I don't know.


Then there's mounting the winch itself. If you put it between the guard's mount points they'll share the load; if you put it on top of the bumper you'll put a lot more stress on the top mounts. Kind of depends on how you mean to use it and how much trust you have in the upper mounts.


It would never be as good as a proper winch bumper, but for a lot less money and a little work it would probably hold up to light duty stuff. I wouldn't try to climb any trees with it though.

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I have been thinking about this because well, I kinda like the stock bumper, here is that I have been thinking...


Since a couple of my friends are iron workers then took some angle beam and just used 2 structural bolts with a shear point of 20,000 pounds + :lol: the body will fly off before that bumper budges. Anyways make that my main bumper then just weld on the stock bush guard to the front, strengthen as needed I think that would look sick, you'll have an excellent platform for a winch of any size, I can post a photo if you'd like he kinda has the look I'm thinking of, he has a bush guard welded on the front


Anyways that's just what I was thinking? That stock bush guard is held on with brackets and it would be hard to make it structurally sound to handle even a small duty winch, also nissan bumpers are next to useless, personal opinion

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Those are the only 2 good photos I have, I never got a chance to take a photo of his brackets and how he bolted it to the frame. Unfortunately he works 800km east of me and I won't see him for a couple months

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Yes I can weld, I myself don't have the welder. But im proficient in most arch welders. Tig mostly but mig, stick and flux are close.


If you can send those I would appreciate it.

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