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Typhoon Haiyan


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I have been looking at all the photos coming in from the super-typhoon in the Phillipines. The extent of the damage is beyond words.

I hope all of our friends on NPORA and their families on are safe and secure.

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I read about it before it made landfall. 190mph sustained winds, 235mph gusts; the worst recorded. Holy Crap! :ohno01:

I really feel bad for those people, especially considering the majority of their infrastructure. I'll take my earthquakes, fires and mud slides any day!


Believe in global warning or not, if it is our doing or not, it doesn't matter. The people who study weather systems and global effects all agree this is just the beginning and it's gonna get worse. Weather systems and shifting weather patterns like not seen by man in recorded history...

Data supports them, so hold on people, Mother Nature is going to do some house cleaning.



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It's the weather, it always gets worse...


It just sucks when stuff like this hits populated areas but eventually people will learn to build more resilient structures like most of east Asia is already doing.

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Most people there doesnt follow building codes. Philippines ahad always been a typhoon path amd yet they dont build sturdy evacuation site. At least build a bunker to withstand all these typhoon coming. But government is corrupt




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