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1988 Gas Tank. Rust issues

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^^^ This. You can also use Acetone and a chain.


I broke down and got a tank off of Rockauto in the end. I realized my tank ('77 CJ5) rusted all the way through when Acetone started flying all over my legs when I was shaking the tank.

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Mine was really bad. I ended up pulling the tank to clean it. I Filled it with water, drained and then used a shopvac to remove all the loose rust. I then had to take a 2X4 and beat the side of the tank to knock the rest of the rust off the walls and re-vacume. It took quite some time.

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Caswell makes a gas tank sealer that works well. It will fill smaller holes and coats the inside of the tank with a layer of epoxy. Awesome stuff, about 40 bucks online will do a 20 gallon tank...Blue Lightning also makes a similar product that I use on Poly tanks, Caswell does not bond to cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).


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