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Engine cutting out and RPM's jumping around


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So recenly my engine has just shut off while driving on the freeway randomly. Once the engine is to temp the RPM's will jump around and almost stall. I have changed spark plugs, coolant, belts (one of the pulleys chirps at start up), and cleaned the MAF and the intake filter. The check engine light came on and had three codes.


1. Open or short circuit condition

2. MAF/VAF sensor failure

3. Faulty ECM


Ideas on where to start?

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Possibly a bad ECU ground. I'd go through and check every ground you can find, taking them off, and cleaning them.


I am hoping its a ground issue and the ECU thinks its bad, not the ECU actually being bad.

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So the code reads P0100. Checked the MAF, and cleaned all of the grounds that I could find. One of the vacume hoses could have potentially been letting air in, so i tightened the hose clamp so there was no play. We will see if that helps.


That is unless anyone else has any ideas.

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So with the symptoms I think that I am going to change the MAF sensor. Is there going to be any huge difference between an Auto store MAF vs. Nissan dealer MAF other than cost? If there are no significant differenced I am going to get a MAF sensor from somewhere other than the stealership.



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