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Members running 35'' tires

94 Pathy

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Here it is....I put new half shalfs, upper lower ball joints, inner & outter tie rods, & new shocks up front on bot sides....Took it to Tires Plus to get it alligned & have brakes checked....


They drove it into the wheel balancer. Broke out the drivers head light, side turn signal, buckled the fender, & bent up the bumper.


They are willing to fix everything for free.


Here's the thing....they will fix everything, throw in a new center link & double check the wheel bearings & replace if need be. Write everything else off, if I'll take as is.....I have the fenders from the parts Pathy I can replace them myself. Everything else is new & free....They even replaced the old master cylinder & installed a new one.


Would you call it good & replace the fendersyourself? Oh yes, I did mention I did want the bumper straightened up so it's no smashed against the front.

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Once they straightened the bumper, the fender popped back in place. I was really surprised. Theonly issue I'm having isthe turn signal isn't working. Out of everything done & free, I can't complain. I'll get it fixed. If not, hope I don't get a ticket & can get some bumpers welded up & redo the wiring for the turn signals then....


REALLY interested in getting a Titan....then I won't have to worry so much about the little things with the Pathy..It can be a spare vehicle or just my off roader....

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