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Drunken Pathfinder wandering down the road


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  • 3 months later...

I'm wrenching the rear links for the drunken death wobble right now. No impact wrench, just lots of extensions and WD-40. Man I am tired. Time for a cold beer then back to work.


Any Santa Rosa guys have any suspension parts to unload? good shocks, good t-bars, good or bad rear links?


I was googling the death wobble and found this, so I joined NPORA so I could say hi to y'all.





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BeerGarage! Man I've used your site a few times. Always wonder if you were a silent member around here. I know Precise1 is in Santa Rosa, not sure if he has anything you need.

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Thanks, Trogdor636.


I got all the rear links off my pathy. Holey moley I am tired. But I'm not currently bleeding, and I'm pretty psyched about that.


I was planning to drill holes in the rubber bushings and then pour liquid urethane in to stiffen them up. But it turns out the oe bushings are too soft to drill. I put two links into the freezer to see if that will stiffen up the rubber enough for me to drill. Otherwise I guess I have to fork out the cash and get new ones. Oh well, I can only be so cheap in the limited time I have.


How hot would I have to heat a bolt for it to melt a hole through. Would that just set me on fire? If anyone has any ideas on stiffening these up on the cheap, I'd love to hear.



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I use urethane on most of my old bushings.. engine mounts and shock Bushings I use 3m window weld, inject all the dead space and let dry for a few days. Super easy and cheap way to get solid engine mounts that still dampen vibration.I've never done it on a link bushing but it would be easy to use a torch to heat up spikes and press them through , it shouldn't light on fire just use some red hot nails/spikes or long skinny bolts. Like was mentioned there are stock rubber replacements and they all seem to be similar pricing but I like polyurethane myself so I would go that route if the 'ghetto repair' didn't work. I have hsd really good exprrience with poly...my entire 240sx has poly bushings front and rear and with that factory 5 lube and its still silent. Nary a squeak or groan after 2 years daily driving


P.s. good to see you on Npora! I've used your beergarage site before as well! Always wanted to say thanks.

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