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Pathfinder finally met her match


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I was going to take my dog out and wasn't even purposely planning on going mudding originally. I was taking the backroads to a lake near here when I passed a minimum maintenance road and thought hell, I'll see where that goes. It was smooth sailing at first but we've gotten a bit of snow recently so the melt off created a good deal of mud on some stretches. I had probably gone a mile on it when it began to get much worse, I was sliding everywhere and having to gun it to gain any ground. I finally got to a point where I decided I couldn't go any further and got out hoping to find someone that could give me a hand. At this point I was a little concerned to say the least, since there didn't appear to be any farms around for miles. I decided to walk up the hill a ways, and wadya know.. I get to the top and there's a cattle farm in the near distance. My luck keeps improving because as I get closer I see there is a guy actually ON his tractor. I go up and ask if he could give a hand, was a really nice dude and meets me down there with an even beefier tractor. I thought HE was going to get stuck, and when he was turning around to back up to me he nearly slid into the ditch, I could only imagine that tractor tipping and creating much bigger problems. Turns out the tow hooks on the front were too large in diameter to fit his chain hooks but somehow we made it happen by resting them until the chain got tense and it held.. resulting in the hooks getting forced on to there so now I have a hook lodged in the front :laugh: I'm sure I can hammer it off but I might just leave it for laughs. Anyways, I feel like that was a whole lot of luck on my part. I went back (despite his claims he wanted nothing in return) and brought a case of beer with some cash slid in. Dude saved my ass, it's the least I coulda done. Anyways, here's some pics, definitely added to my already eventful St. Patty's weekend!







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That's some pretty gooey stuff! MTs might not have worked much better, but they might have let you get out by yourself when you realized it was time to turn around.





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Take the hook off the front *(for safetys sake, please!!) and keep it as a momento (just for your info if it's a gold coloured snig chain hook then the chain it came off was probably worth around $150. I've got a tractor & snig chain too) :)


If you leave it on the front when it manages to work itselt loose (and it WILL it's just a matter of time) and it comes off when you are doing 60 MPH up the road someone may get killed as it flicks out from under your 4wd and through their windscreen (sad part of that is no one will know where it came from but when you see it on the news you'll run out to see if it's still on your Pathy and then you'll know where it came from, but by that point it's too late!)


I've found Heaps of @!*% like that on the road. I've got a tow chain hook that weighs about 5 kgs as a momento (it'll be useful on my farm when I move over there as well) of the crap that litters our roads out here in the desert.

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