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OK, so it sounds like we've got 4 rigs in attendance:


1. XPLORx4 (Dean)

2. Enjoi408 (Andrew)

3. Vmodi (Vinit)

4. SC88Pathy


Anyone else?


We will be meeting at the obstacle course/picnic area in the Upper Ranch at 11:30am


CB ch 3

FRS ch 3 subcode 2

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I don't have either one. I can get one before Saturday. Any recommendations on brand, model, etc?

I have 4 FRS radios, so you can borrow one from me if you like.


We will be doing EASY trails doable by stock 4x4 vehicles, with simple training exercises over optional obstacles. The purpose of this trip is to acquaint newbie 4x4 owners with the capabilities of their vehicles in a safe, controlled environment.


If anyone would like to caravan from the bay area down to Hollister, be ready to go by 10:30am at the Subway on Cochrane Rd in Morgan Hill (turn right @ exit, then left into shopping ctr; it's next to Panda Express).


It's about an hour to get to the OHV park after that. There is a $5 day-use fee.

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Thanks, Dean. I'll need to borrow one since I didn't have a chance to get one today.


The forecast for tomorrow is rain. Will this be a problem?

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Hollister was great! What a cool place to go wheeling. There were so many trails with various levels of difficulty and some cool obstacle courses.


That one climb that Vinit and I got hung-up on scared me a bit. When I first saw it, I said to myself "this does NOT look like an easy trail". But after getting up and over that one part that I got hung-up on, the rest wasn't bad at all. Oh and thanks to SC88Pathy for riding shotgun and giving me pointers. Thanks as well to Dean for leading the group and Andrew for spotting me. I learned quite a bit from everyone and I feel a little more confident on how to handle certain obstacles and terrain. Now I just need more seat time and mods (I was already checking out sliders, hubs, and a locker when I got home).

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Damn! I take a month off from checking the forums and look what Happens I miss it.



OK well.


Next time you guys plan a trip Pm me. I was frequenting the forums I just was not checking this thread as it is always dead.






PS where is the Pics. .I want to see what I missed.


I should be going to hollister on may 3rd 4th and 5th with uc4x4 (uc4x4.com)


come join us

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I have been logging on at least every week or so. I have been checking view new content and threads i have replied to. I stopped checking this section as the last year went by without new content.


How is the new rig. Glad you got back into a rig your comfortable in. You did not seem too happy with the last truck you had.


I see SC88 has not fixed his Pathfinder yet.


Sorry I missed the trip, I have not been wheeling in about a year, My trucks been sitting and probably need a run through of maintenance.


It is nice to see a few new faces in this region. Still seems like nothing like it was. Wheeling is expensive and the economy has made most sell their rigs or just stop wheeling for fear of a big repair bill.

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I love my new rig! I finally got the SFD which Ive been wanting for years. Gas is terrible but I dont care. SC88 actually doesn't even have the rig anymore. He's converted to 1 wheel drive.lol.

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SFD ???


One wheel drive is quite economical. I would do it if i did not drive 150 miles a day and they did not scare the crap out of me.


I prefer the comfort of metal around me. I guess you say gas is terrible since it is you daily driver as well. I got a cheap KIA that gets 32MPH for that. It just means that my Pathfinder sits unused most of the time.

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