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Timing belt disaster - Simple question... maybe.


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let's review, for completeness


1. remove plug 1 and put a screwdriver or stick or something in the hole and hand-rotate the crankshaft until it is at the top

2. Pop off your distributer cap and make sure the rotor is near plug 1 and not 180 degrees off (if it is off, rotate engine to next time piston is at top)

3. hand turn your right cam sprocket until the punchmark aligns with the dimple on the back cover... roughly at 1 o-clock or 2 o-clock

4. hand turn your left cam sprocket until the punchmark aligns with the dimple on the back cover... roughly at 10 o-clock or 11-oclock

5. if your new belt has timing marks, position it to lineup the lines with the punchmarks on the sprockets (arrow points in I think, should say on it)

6. slip it on the crankshaft first, then the right sprocket, then inside the tensioner and over the left sprocket, rotating the tensioner as needed. Some people have luck slipping over the tensioner last because it's smaller and smooth.

7. at this point, 3 lines on the belt should lineup with 3 punchmarks on the sprockets (2 cam and 1 crank)

8. double check by counting the number of teeth between the punchmarks on the cam sprockets (check the FSM for the count) and the number from the right cam punchmark to the crank sprocket punchmark.

9. the reason to count the teeth is that aligning the punchmarks to the dimples is not clear due to the angle you look and the idiot who made the marks on the back cover. If you have the choice between having the right number of teeth and the alignment of the lines on the belt to the sprockets -vs- exactly matching the dimples.... screw the dimples.


Have fun

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So I got the belt back on trying to get the marks to line up but before I turn it are there supposed to be 40 teeth in between only when the marks are lines?


Right now I'm at 43 in between but my marks are not lined up on either cam.

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Did you say u have 43 teeth between the cams? That's wrong if that's the case. Cam to cam should have 40 teeth, drivers (left) side cam to crank sprocket should be 43 teeth.

Yeah that's kind of my issue, all I have to do is take the belt of and like up the top left cam sprocket then put the belt back on and it's good?

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Just got my belt and tensioner in, just wanna make sure all is right when I put it on.


So one last time if my teeth count is correct (40 & 43) and if the marks match up with the back cover and I'm on time right?


And of course my distributor rotor is pointing at 1

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The rotor is where the red line is, is this TDC?!?!



punch marks 40 teeth apart, I had to move the top right sprocket forward and It accidentally turned way further then I wanted it to so I turned it backward.

(is it ok to turn the sprockets backwards???)

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IT looks right to me, based on my knowledge of the VG30 engine. The timing marks look to be in roughly the correct location but the distributer is slightly different than the 95 which has the plug wires numbered. If you want to double check interference before starting, you can hand-crank through a cycle (one rev of the cam sprocket, 2 of the crank). If there was any interference, you would not be able to crank it around. Make sure the coil wire is disconnected if you do it. We wouldn't want the engine to start by accident (though I have never heard of an actual case where that happened on a car newer than the 1920's)


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looked closer at the pic of your disty. If the rotor is where the red indicated, that's near enough to #1 to not be 180 off. Once you fire her up, check the timing marks on the flywheel to tune it in but there really shouldn't be a need to change the timing if it were running well before changing the belt.

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Yeah the dist. Had me confused because there is a one on top and a one inside of the cap so I wasn't sure which one was actually pointing to #1


I will turn the crank twice and make sure it can actually turn,

I know that before I adjusted my crank I could do two revolutions without interference but it was 3 teeth off so I just moved the crank until it was lined up with the mark on the belt and made sure the dist. Was at what I thought was #1


The cranks fights back a little in some spots when I try to turn it, that it just compression right?

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Definitely off time right? I looked at my sprockets the top left one seemed to be a tooth to the left of the back casing, so far ive read that dosent matter much and the teeth count is what matters, I was at 40 teeth? Should I try to move it but keep my teeth count? Or should I just move the sprocket one tooth to line it up?

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