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WD21 door lock timer


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check on here, it's another Nissan forum that has gotten together with NPORA in the past on group buys and stuff,




join and contact David29 he sells Nissan parts (used) and usually has a lot of parts available.


I'm a member there also, same user name


dimmer switch on E-bay $18.90




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The switch for the back hatch is in the latch, in the hatch. It's a crappy design and a common thing to have fail (the cargo light will start coming on randomly). I ended up rewiring mine to a different switch rather than try and fix the weird little rubber wedge thing.

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Any good way to check the timer?


Aside from proper diagnostics, running voltage to the right leads and checking the relay circuits operate properly, the cheap-o way is to visually inspect the solder points. I had to do this right off the bat with mine, and sure enough a visual "ring" around one of the solder contacts could be seen, indicating that solder contact had cracked and was only giving intermittent contact. Resolder and has been working fine since.

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93 Pathy. Door locks haven't worked for years. Read this and soldered what looked like some loose connections on the door timer. Locks work now but lock automatically.

When I get in and lock the doors then unlock and open the door as if I'm getting out of the vehicle the shut the door they all lock automatically.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Does it have a factory alarm? If yours has the alarm it may be set to passive (if the alarm has that function to begin with). Good luck.

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I was looking for more info on door lock timers and found the link below. I didn't stop to think that they would be found in other Nissans (D'oh!). The one in his repair pics looks like the one I grabbed from a 94 Pathy. This gives us a few more models other than the Pathfinder to look in when scouring the yards.





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