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4.3 vortec swap

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So I just found a Chevy v6 vortec engine on craigslist for $80. I was wondering how hard it would be to put in my pathy. I don't know that much about electronics or engines for that matter. I was thinking of buying it and trying to rebuild it and doing a swap. I have a couple friends that know alot about engines and are willing to help. Any thoughts?

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You gotta replace the transmission with it. Its not as hard as a v8 and sevral members have done it on this board. One is doing it as I type I bet.


For 80 bucks go for it, hell you could rebuild it and sell it and make money if the swap is to much work.

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The 4.3 Vortec is a great motor but the stock form usually needs a little help, Generally adding a few ground wires helps it run allot smoother and running an MSD box take care of the low-end/ Off idle problems allot of them had. (a low rpm miss was not uncommon for them, especially when you wanted to get on it!)

That and headers is all you really need to to put the 'getup and go' into this torquey old workhorse/ chimbin'/ wheelin' motor


Now the non-Vortec 4.3's on the other hand, I would pass them by.

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