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Tire and wheel size help.

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Hi All,

Had my Pathfinder for about a year now.

1994 SE or Xe, I'm not sure at this instant but ... it's time for new tires.

I've done a lot of searching and reading in the forum and perhaps I've missed it but ...

I want to know without lifting, keeping the body/suspension stock, what are the largest wheels and tires I can run on it? Currently I have the chrome wheels and 235/75R15's on it.


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you can run 31"x10.5" wide tires on your stock rims without any lift. 31x10.5 is the large tire option for pathfinder so it was a factory option.. i believe the 235 75r15 is close to a 29"x9" tire, something around there anyways just for reference.


you can even fit 33"x10.5" tires on there if you want if you crank up the bars a bit. there is no risk to your suspension by lifting your front end 1-1.5 inches higher than factory height. keep in mind your front end is already probably sagging down from age so you may need to adjust them up a bit to set your ride height back to factory. and then from there you can lift the truck another 1-1.5 inches over stock height safely with no other parts needed. just some wrenches! probably 2-2.5" higher than you have them set now, if you haven't adjusted them back to factory height yet, depending on the age and mileage of your truck. just make sure to get an alignment after everything is set to the proper height up front. the rear shouldnt have any issues.


so basically 31x10.5 will fit easilly. 33x10.5 will fit with a bit of adjustments and maybe some SLIGHT trimming and by that i mean like possibly taking off your fender flares (if you have them) or hammering down the pinch seam in the rear of the front wheel inside fender. if you hammer down the seam make sure to get a can of undercoat to blast on there after to prevent rust! there may be some slight rubbing but i don't think so. the only hang up really is that pinch seam in the rear of the front fender, get in there and look and you will see what i mean. :)

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No problem. Good luck on tire choice!! I am running Goodyear duratracs and they have been great all around tires. They are an all terrain but very aggressive tread blocks for mud but very quiet and get good mileage on the road. They are also snow flake rated for winter driving if u have ice or snow in winter. My truck is open differential (no locker of any kind) and I was towing cars up very steep hills of ice and a foot of snow with my pathy and those duratracs. Hehe. They are amazing off-road and mud pits are a breeze now.

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I just went through this a few months back.

I should have bought 31x10.5's , but i was worried about clearance.

So i went with 30x9.5's, and i love them, but after seeing them, theres no doubt the 31's would fit.


I went with Falken High Country's, and so far they are kick ass.

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235/75R15 = 29x9.25R15


Depending on trim, XE or SE, you may have to change your speedometer gear to keep it correct.


XE had a stock size of 235/75R15 on chrome wheels. SE had a stock size of 31x10.50R15 on aluminum "lego" wheels. If you put 31x10.50's on an XE your speedometer will read 5mph slow. So with an indicated speed of 60mph, you'll actually be travelling at 65mph.


You have quite a few options though, 31x10.50, 32x11.50, and 33x10.50 all fit at stock height if you keep the stock wheels. If you go aftermarket, try to get something with 3.75-5" of backspacing. Stock SE wheel has 5" of backspacing, or BS.

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Okay, new development. I looked on the label inside the door for tire pressures and noticed what looks like data stating the wheel size is 15 x 6. It's an XE by the way, but the wheels sure look like 8's to me. The previous replies tellme that I'm good to go 31 x 10.5 with stock rims, but now I'm confused. What is the rim size? Is it 8 or 6? Is the door wrong or telling me something other than what I think? I'm on the verge of ordering my new tires and I don't want to get ready to install them only to find the rims are too narrow and need to buy 4 of those as well. Please help!

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If you go 32x11.50s do they rub with factory backspacing?

I have a 3" lift with the factory lego rims and I have been running 32x1150s with no problem. Without the lift I think they would rub.

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