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Burning oil smell


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Occasionally i can smell burning oil inside the cab.


Now i have inspected the engine bay, there is no sign of oil leaking, ive made sure to check the valve covers.

I have no leaks underneath my pathfinder.


and as far as i can tell the motor does not smoke out of the exhaust, and it does not appear to burn engine oil.( oil level never goes down)


any input would be greatly appreciated.

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No rhyme or reason to it? Stopped, certain speed, place or condition? Hot? Cold? Totally random?? :shrug:




It seems after driving it, when i come to complete stop, and just sit for 5 min i can smell it, but the smell does not last long.

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Check and see if your shifter boots are torn. That could be why you smell it in the cab. Then check to see if your oil pan or rear main seal is leaking on your exhaust's crossover tube.


thanks for the reply, i will check it as soon as i can. Just snowed like crazy.

i will report back after looking at it.

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