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something to do?


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seems that i am a newbie when it comes to the internet.

for hours in only visit at most five pages including facebook and youtube.

but im sure there is a lot more to roam through.


i hate going through pics and more pics.

i hate having to click from video to another video.


i'm mainly into games but GOOD QUALITY games which is hard to find for free on the net.

i've read some hacking tips to get good games but im afraid of viruses and having to wait a million hours for it to download.



does anyone have any good web pages where i will no get bored easily?

any suggestions?

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you cant ever trust hacking sites just think who put the content there, a hacker and where are they going to test their hack programs. but if you really want to learn read articles and the factory service manuals... i think most linux stuff is still free. the other day i found this useful site not about pathfinders but still helpful http://www.aircooled.net/gnrlsite/resource/articles.htm

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Personally I spend lots of time in the following webs may be you can see other related too


the best games I ever found are Nintendo 64 Super nintendo and nintendo sistems roms donwloadable wich I play in my pc you only need the emulator and Done!! you don't even need internet to havehour of fun (personally I love these games ) but you can also find from neo geo and other game consoles too donwloadable


here is my main source



other distractions I see are

this rusian page have a game section i cool and entertaining


i just transalte it wiht google

and my usual websites






view movies free online




i love the music from this radio station




I don't know if you speak spanish but these are great pages to visit





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lol @ piratebay...i remember when they got slammed...i've got a banned xbox sitting under my legit xbox right now that pirate bay helped me exploit for 3 years before microsoft violated their own guidelines...so really piratebay isn't as effed as it was made out to be as of late?....pandora on my phone has basically killed my need for hte pirate

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