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ohhh don't judge


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Ahh, what inspired this thread is the discovery that I just ran out of aluminum foil.


But that's not all, folks. This aluminum foil has treated me well and been reliable for the past four months.


I found it. In a parking lot, unopened... and ran over by a car. :D


And, well.. one of my cats. My ex moved the kitty in. I threw my ex out. Kitty stayed. My kitty now.


This could get pretty amusing.

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Since I picked up the metal detecting hobby I tend to find lots of interesting stuff for free. Although I tend to do a bit of work digging things up, so maybe it's not completely free. lol


Just a few of my finds:


Grill 10K and worth about $120 melted(found about 3ft from my front door and about 3" deep at my old house in Houston(ghetto))



Necklace 10K worth about $185 melted:



Money from other countries:

Those are Euros









Stainless Ring(being held up with a sterling silver tie clip that was dug up)



I find LOTS of charms and earrings:




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I also find lots of bullets..(this one was weird)



Cleaned up



I've also dug up hundreds of $$$ worth of regular coins. (clad) Lot of silver, tons of junk and quite a few interesting items that make you wonder how the heck it could've ended up where I found it.


Before anyone asks I'll answer the most common questions...

Yes metal detecting works, it's not magic as some seem to think.

Most detectors are good for about 4-8" of depth in normal soil. Wetter is better.

Expensive machines will get you about a foot deep, but who in their right mind wants to dig that deep anyway..?(MOST of my finds are about 0-3" deep, and I will pass on lots of hits that are too deep)

Yes I can tell how deep something is before I even start digging.

Most detectors will ID your find for you. Mine can tell the difference between coins, gold, iron.(It will even tell me if a penny was made before 1982..no kidding.) lol

I doesn't just tell me that something metal is in the general area, it pinpoints the area to dig to the point I can stick a screwdriver in and hit the target almost every time.

No you can't play with it. lmao (I've been asked that question 100's of times)

Yes you can help me dig, and you're welcome to have whatever we find that I don't want. LMAO!!! (I tell kids that all the time)

75% of what I dig up is trash, and no I don't just put it back and cover the hole.. If I spend my time to dig up trash I'm gonna throw it away in a proper place.

95% of the time when I leave a place you'll never know I was there.(because I cover my holes with care.)

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Since I picked up the metal detecting hobby I tend to find lots of interesting stuff for free. Although I tend to do a bit of work digging things up, so maybe it's not completely free. lol



whats the coolest thing you've found?

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find all kinds of stuff in junk cars we end up owning. Most things are run of the mill crap (gas cans, cheap tools, child seats, sunglasses,etc) and have ruined more sterio amps and subs outa bordom and just bein sick of keepin em for no aparent reason (though I have a big stockpile of amp power wire). Sometimes find GPS untis, video game consoles, good home electronics, name brand tools, hunting equipment, drugs and paraphanila... etc etc. If someone carried it in a car for any apparent reason for any ammount of time, I proably found one (besides a body, the hearse that we towed that was in route don't count)

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Not a bizzare find, just bizzare circumstances.


When I was about 15 (20 years ago) we were diving at a local beach, had been there for about 5 hours and were starting to get a bit hungry, no one brought any funds or anything to eat. We were standing at waters edge talking about door knocking for empty bottles which we could return for coin, I turn around and see a purple and blue thing floating along with the current about a metre under water, dive in and grab it, resurface with a 10 and 5 dollar note. Lunch is sorted.

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I scour the local metal yard. If you know what your looking for it can be rather profitable.


Case in point - dropped off my several milk crates worth of beer bottles on a Saturday. Found a road bike frame in the steel bin. Did the research on it and listed it on ebay. A 1980 bike frame got me about $100.

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I've found random tools, like a 24" monkey wrench just laying in the street, and a Craftsman adjustable wrench with the price tag still on it sitting in the Sears parking lot. Got a nice crow bar and 10mm socket out of a junk car at the yard, just threw them in my tool bag, lol.

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Dunno if it counts or not, but my Grandfather has a habit of buying odds and ends (not so much anymore as we took his license and car away-hes 92.5) but i was in his apartment one day and he was like "I have these tool boxes and tools you can go through and take what you want" SO i ended up having my entire toolbox composed of things he picked up-2 decent socket sets, screwdrivers, hose clamps, electrical tape (had to buy my own duct tape :() sea hose clamps and other goodies....yay for hording!


Ive found interesting stuff fin the past...cant rememeber if now of course :thumbsdown:

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I got my first vehicle for free. My buddy gave it to me. It was a '91 Dakota 4x4 w/318ci. It was beaten pretty good but it still ran decent. It was my first vehicle and 4x4. It got me into off-roading so its got sentimental value. had a lot of fun with that truck.

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I had gotten a pair of swim trunks from Goodwill to go to Florida with, in the pocket I found a gold colored necklace. I thought it was tacky at the time (I was 13) so I gave it to my mom and it's never left her neck since.


Come to find out, recently she had taken it to see what it really was and it is now worth well over $1,000 USD. I immediately told her I wanted it back, to which she refused.

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