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What repairs have you had to do?


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For me at 138K a used 5 speed trans has been the only real repair. Everything else has been routine wear items, timing belt, ps and alt. belt, brake pads etc. Also did new clutch, pressure plate and bearing while the trans was out. Also clutch master cyl and the slave cylinder.

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hum, ive rebuilt the engine, new clutch and fluids done in drivetrain. what do i have left? I have some misc electrical issues, i have slow leaks from oilpan(didnt seat it well when i rebuild), leak from power stearing pump hose. .....hum.....guess thats it.

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My list of repairs/upgrades/mods is pretty long but the major ones were:


~rebuild top end after breaking a timing belt (i was 18 and didnt know any better)

~several clutches between my 2 trucks

~some body work when I was 16 where my dad plowed into my truck one morning after a fight with my mom included new grill bumper corners and pulling the front end back straight

~couple of engine swaps


All of which were neglect on the users side...or upgrades...I've stripped 2 pathfinders and cut them up into tiny pieces and still have 25-50% of the original one I bought over 10 years ago

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When I got mine it was wrecked. So, I had to replace the whole front end. Fenders, core support, front bumper, grille, corner markers, headlights, and radiator. But as far as regular maintenance goes. I've only had to replace the alternator, rear brakes, clutch, and tune up stuff. And after it got stolen. I had to replace a lot more parts.

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All of it?ok...


Rusted passager side frame,rusted driver side frame,

Cam seals.

New brake pads in front.

Adjusted rear drums(Red showed me how a long time ago)

Full fluid change(not front diff,but yet the t-case)

Water pump.

Redid the bondo on it...everyware!


Other then the tranny problem and the seals its been a real good truck for the money considering it was owned by a crack head before me who smashed it up in the front at one point.It was bought as a beater to last me a year or two.


Currently needs a new tranny and maybe head gaskets and a rad.

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RH Camshaft (busted), Dizzy (appeared bad do too following item),ECU (bad), Engine replacement (do to rounded keyways in crankshaft), Starter (due to playing in the water after a trail run), Transmission... other stuff I don't recall right now.

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