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engine revs/stuters at about 3300rpm

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i have a 97 pathfinder and everytime i get to a certain rpm, usually either going up a hill, or passing someone, the engine surges and seems to power out at 3300rpm. if you pump the gas a couple times it well jump up to 4500rpm, really not sure what is going on, any suggestions would be great

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I am having the same issue out of no where. After I have been driving for about 20 minutes the truck starts miss firing around 3300 and up, only after it runs for while... Meaning its at full temp and driven for while before it happens. I think its the fuel pump. I put my timing light on it and it never lost spark while it was breaking up which means its not spark. It has a new fuel filter plugs and wires so that's what makes me think fuel pump. Any help would be very appreciated :scratchhead:

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Idono if the 3.3 ecu varies from the 2 3.0 models but for the smaller, 28~3,000 rpm is the transition point from MAF control to o2 contol. This can indicate an o2 sensor poblem which rarely throws a code. Or 'safemode' has been activated which tries to prevent reving over that point. My ecu went into safe mode when My injectors failed, but other things may cause it. No codes for safe mode, you just have to correct the causing flaws whic hopefully will throw codes.

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