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Leaf Springs

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soo i know i can use waggy leaf springs up front.. but what other ones can i use?? and also can i use any rear leafs up front?? sounds dumb but my buddy said its possible... so please! any info will be very helpful! thanks :)!

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Whaaa? I don't see how unless you mount the spring transversely, like the rear suspension of a Corvette . Are you thinking to use a leaf spring after a solid axle swap or am I missing something?


yeah use leaf springs for my sas instead of running coils.

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Here in NZ, a few have done conversions to there solid axle hilux's by using rear leaf springs up front (moves axel forward 50mm... whoops, 2 inches, so longer driveshaft needed), and then re-positioning rear leaf mounts to take longer early ford falcon ute or station wagon rear leaf springs. They twist/articulate real well, and also fit 35's with no guard modifications. I'm looking at this rear mod for my 86 Navara. The let down is they can't handle heavy loads the same and are a wee bit spongy/soft onroad. My mate jacks his hilux up and sits coils (we found lying around) over the bump stops (to locate them) when carrying heavy loads, or onroad. This helps heaps. If he needs it to flex, he removes them.

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Running toyota rear springs (pickup or 4runner, doesn't really matter) in the front is really common with the toyota folks. The center pin is located more towards the front of the main leaf, so they move the front axle forward compared to the waggy springs, but where your axle actually ends up depends on where you put the hangers. This is great for approach angle, but will usually require a new driveshaft. Put some big tires on there, and front bumper will just about line up with the front of your tires :) They are very flexy and most people shore them up with additional leafs if it will be driven on the street.


This is how they line up on toyota spring hangers, just for reference:



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Mookie has leaf springs front and rear on his Pathy and it seems to work pretty well.


On my HB I run Rancho 44044s up front SUA and Waggy stock leaves out back SOA, it flexes well also.


Like somebody else said, RUF (Rears Up Front) is really common in Toyota builds, usually used with Chevy 63" springs from a 1/2 ton pickup in the back.

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