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Power Steering And Steering Box


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My truck is due for inspection shortly and I have a few things to fix up, but this one is a little concerning for obvious reasons...

The power steering has become particularly hard, to the point where the mrs 'wont drive that dog of a truck'..


At stand-still, it virtually has no power steering. At slow to medium speeds the steering is lumpy/surging/pulsing when turning corners. Steering is fine at highway speeds.


My steering box has always leaked for years but never been a problem. The pump has never appeared to leak, belt tension is good, and I topped up the fluid level a few days ago.


Could it be an air bubble in the system?


I only just noticed an odd hole on the top of the steering box and wondered if it is normal/nothing or if there is a bolt or breather missing?

It is a Right Hand Drive truck, but I've flipped picture to make sense for those with the LHD setup...


Picture was taken from inside the engine-bay looking down on top of the steering box..




Any suggestions y'all may have would be hugely appreciated!!


If it's time to replace the steering box, I might see if I can gut this one and use it for an idler arm! I don't even know if it's possible, anyone tried it?

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I'm not sure where my steering box is leaking from. The whole thing looks pretty wet, and I've never tried to clean it up. It's such a slow leak it barely needs topping up.


I did take it for an alignment. That definitely fixed the bizarre steering action, and consequently it had never driven so straight and easily in it's life!

Tonys Tyres on Aotea Quay, Wellington NZ did the job. Not sure of the chaps name, I'm sure it makes all the difference who does it though.

I've had alignments before that drive just as crooked as when I took it in.

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