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Rear End Problem?


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OK guys and gals, I have a question. This has been going on since I have owned my pathy, just 3-4 months but it has not gotten better or worse.


When pulling off from a stop, I feel a slight thump coming from the rear somewhere, this would be right as I pull off and well before the tranny switches into 2nd gear.


The only analogy I can make to help explain would be the sound and feel would be about the equivalent of a medicine ball in the back of the truck and when I pull off, the medicine ball rolls backward until it hits the tailgate "thump"


It does not do this when starting off going down hill, it does not do it when pulling off and turning right. --- always when pulling off straight level or uphill and worse when pulling off and turning left.


I am thinking it is a rear end problem but I am really not sure.


Any help would be killer, and thanks in advance!

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Remove the medicine ball from the cargo area...


Ok, in all seriousness, go look!! Get under the truck and see if there is any play in the drive train. When is the last time you lubed things or changed fluid. Jack up (and properly support) the rear end and check for play again. Start it and see what it does in drive.


I can think of play in the U joints, rear end, rear axles, bushings or a combination there of. Sorry but just not enough info to go on yet. :shrug:



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this happened to my truck ever since i bought it, the only thing i can come up with its the control arm bushings in the rear, when it stops the rear diff will change angles and when you take off it puts opposite load on it and you hear a thud. its not u joints because they usually make a ping noise.

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I would also like to suggest Preparation X for a Rear End Problem. :new576:



On the hole prepe.... nevermind



Definatly give the trans mount (and motor mounts, had a 'kinda' similar issue with a s-10 once, was the left m.mount) a good check though.

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