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about three weeks ago while setting up some office cubicles, I picked up a panel, not heavy but large. I heard a pop in my elbow, like the sound your knuckle makes when you pop it, you know, the normal sound of a joint popping but dang it hurt... I thought that maybe it just had been a long time coming as far as needing to be popped or something - Im gettn old, my joints tend to crack and pop, lol.


It wasnt getting any better, it was getting worse over the weeks and my elbow tip was getting bigger day by day. So at the urging of my wife yesterday, I went over to the e-room to get a look see at it.- they took an x-ray and this is what they found.




Since I didnt hit it on anything the surmised that I broke the tip off my elbow bone with my own muscle.


strange huh?


this sombich hurts though

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That is weird! What do they do to help you heal?


well, there aint a whole lot you can do with this injury. The tip that broke off will eventually be broken down and re-absorbed - the said I would probably always have a calcium knot on my elbow and could, if it bothered me, have a orthopedic surgeon remove it.


I aint got no insurance so I guess I wont be doing that...


did I say this dang thing hurts?

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I have a sling I can send you so you at least don't move it all the time. What side?? Yeah, I have both...





K must be a bruiser...




Sorry to hear,anything around a joint hurts like hell when you break it,and it pisses you off because you cant use the joint right ever again...

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I appreciate that Precise1, they gave me a sling at the e-room but it hurts to wear it - i just keep my hand in my pocket lol



They gave you one with a closed in elbow pocket, instead of an open one, didn't they?


You did this at work? That's what L&I is for, you pay for it, might as well use it since you have a legit claim ;)


Unless your working under the table :unsure:

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