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new 4x4 tax


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So here's the deal. I read in the paper today that SGI, our great government insirance program, is going to make it mandatory for all "lifted" trucks, or trucks with "oversize" tires to be inspected by police officers, or SGI agents, to insure that the vehicle meets (as yet to be determined) maximum frame height/tire size regulations as of January 2010. THat's right, the Great Communist State of Saskatchewan wants to tells us that we can only put so big a tire, or jack it up so high or we can face a fine. No doubt, there will be a fee for this "inspection", and probably an Ontario-style "premium" on our insurance payments. A 4x4 tax.


Of course, with SK being so half-assed on everything else, 31X10.5's wil bee too big; or 16" frame height will be too high, even if it's stock.



I thought this province was kinda hokey when i moved out here, but now I'm sure of it!!!

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ok so governments have been going after gun and knives... now 4x4's? this is just plain dumb. heck in the little town i live in you get trucks and cars without cats casue we don't have any checks on anything... and as far as i know up to 40 inch tires are street legal.... that sucks man, hope its not to dumb when it comes around.

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