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More Exhaust Questions: Muffler reccomendations...


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The muffler I ordered is the same length as the stock but not nearly as big around. What would be the side effect of using this muffler?


As a general rule a thumb, the smaller the body of the muffler, the less packing/sound absorption material it will have. So it will probably be louder than a comparable larger muffler. Of course the general design of the muffler has a lot to do with the sound levels as well.



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Its one of those "stupid laws" that just doesnt make sense..... the whole reason why I am saying to put a down pipe is its a "loop hole".... You can see the exhaust if you lean down but from a regular view you cant.... so technically i am following the idiot law....




I haven't been bothered with mine like that, with no muffler.

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